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No commitment so far on australian forces joining

No commitment so far on australian forces joining

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has confirmed Australia’s military remains committed to training and assisting Afghan forces.

During a press conference at the Commonwealth Heads of Government and Governmental Conferences, Mr Turnbull confirmed the army would not be joining the mission in Afghanistan.

“The Australian army is not going on there for the mission itself,” he said.

“I’m not going on there to take the fight to the Taliban in the country itself – but to train, and assist the Afghan security forces.”

Defence officials have not said how far back a commitment will extend but Mr Turnbull confirmed troops would receive the necessary support if needed.

“We’ll obviously get all the support we need to protect our country and assist the Afghan security forces,” he said.

The commitment “is a matter which has been discussed with the Defence Department, but at the moment we have no comment about that particular area.”

The Prime Minister confirmed Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani was going to meet with Afghan officials to secure their participation in the mission on Saturday.

He confirmed his administration was also working with Afghanistan to provide “some financial support”.

However, he said the Australian Government would not be contributing any more.

Mr Ghani will attend the opening of라이브카지노 a new school in Helmand province. The government had promised to supply $50m to help renovate the school but the Government said it was now in the “very early stages of negotiations”네온 카지노 and it would be ready for prime time in May.

“Afghan people have got every reason to feel that the support they have been given is something we should be grateful for,” the PM said.

“When I come home as Prime Minister – and I’m very likely to stay at least till March – and I walk into this [school] and see the students being brought back home, that is a recognition of how important the children are to the Afghan people.”

The announcement was expected to come after Mr Ghani met with the Taliban leader at a ceremony in Peshawar, but that was cancelled.

US troops are not expected to leave until after their own mission runs its course and w바카라 추천 사이트ill continue to train Afghan forces and provide equipment and other assistance to Afghan forces once the US mission ends.

A US Embassy spokesman told news.com.au it was “unlikely” that any US troops would be withdrawn.

“US forces are committed to being a strong partner to Afghan security forces and will support Afghan force